Facilitation training

Facilitation generates insights, uncovers perspectives and enables groups to make decisions. It is made up of a set of complex interpersonal skills and awarenesses that are creative, sensitive, and can be transformative. Quality facilitation makes a positive difference in how groups of people work, learn from each other, and make choices. Our Facilitation Training combines adult development, case-in-point methodology, the performing arts and collaborative decision making to give novice and experienced facilitators the tools, processes and self-reflective insights to support their practice.

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Key Outcomes

  1. Learn the distinction between the complementary learning modes of teaching, training and facilitation
  2. Experience a facilitated environment led by experienced facilitators
  3. Learn to design engaging and creative facilitated sessions
  4. Gain skills in troubleshooting tough group dynamics
  5. Practise facilitating groups and receive constructive feedback

Our Approach

Polykala has deep expertise facilitating in three interrelated fields: leadership development, organisational culture and the exploration of demographic and cognitive diversity. We blend a range of adult learning modes with artistic forms to bring the art of facilitation to life. We’ll teach a concept in its simplest form and guide groups through a sequence of exercises designed to develop key skills. This might involve people tasting an obscure blend of juices to learn how to communicate collaboratively or playing improvisational theatre games to explore agency, risk and initiative. Participants are encouraged to scrutinise our choices in design and in the moment to ‘pull back the curtain’. We step back and offer participants a process to unpack their own experiences on what worked, what didn’t, and why. We teach, train and support you to facilitate with confidence, creativity and trust.