Carers Victoria is the leading body for carers and caring families in Victoria – providing advocacy, services and training for carers and caring families. Creative facilitation and engaging education is integral to their work of connecting with a wide range of stakeholders.


With the onset of Covid-19, facilitating and educating online became commonplace for many organisations, forcing experienced teachers to reskill to the online environment. At Polykala, we’ve certainly experienced some disorientation but concluded that creating learning environments online is not only possible but can be intrinsically worthwhile as it allows for a greater range of people and learning styles to participate. 

The education team at Carers Victoria invited us to design and deliver a bespoke online facilitation training program for their experienced staff that would both draw on their existing knowledge and expertise while also giving them the skills to deliver engaging online community engagement and training experiences.


Polykala delivered Facilitation training for the education team at Carers Victoria over two virtual sessions. The intimate group of 10 participants brought a wealth of experience in the education and not-for-profit sectors. The program was custom designed to fit the needs of the experienced education team and covered:

  • Distinguishing between Teaching, Training and Facilitation
  • Building a strong ‘Holding Environment for participants to learn and grow.
  • Facilitation Microskills
  • Facilitating online (using Zoom and collaborative whiteboards)
  • Managing difficult group dynamics
  • Facilitation design
  • Our personal tendencies as facilitators
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Collaborative decision making

The sessions were delivered entirely online, where we ‘walked the talk’ modelling best-practice in online facilitation. 


We are proud to have partnered with Carers Victoria in delivering Diversity & Inclusion training to their entire staff and, more recently, Facilitation training to their experienced and passionate education team. We’re gratified to have supported seasoned facilitators to translate their craft for an online medium. 

“Carers Victoria hired Polykala to deliver Facilitator training to our team because they offer value for money, excellent quality training and the Polykala team really understand the environment in which we work. Because our team are already qualified educators it was important to us that this training would help the team take their facilitation skills to the next level. Polykala really delivered – everyone really appreciated the training.” 

Leah Lonsdale – Education Manager, Carers Victoria


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