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We create learning experiences where participants hear from each other, challenge themselves and arrive at insights.

Polykala is an organisational culture consultancy. We specialise in leadership development, facilitation, coaching and communication skills training for individuals and groups.

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Dr Ananth Gopal
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Tom Henderson
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Our team combines a diverse range of expertise and experience, enabling our clients to make progress on what matters. We work across a range of sectors to support meaningful change that benefits people and planet.


Polykala is trusted by courageous organisations and communities to facilitate adaptive change

Client testimonials

“The feedback from all our senior leaders was that this was one of the best developmental experiences they’d undertaken.”

Joanna Giannes

Organisational Development Specialist

City of Mitcham, South Australia 

“I had to make some big decisions towards the end of last year, and the tools you introduced helped me to think these through more carefully.”

Tiffany Morrison

Professor, Environmental Policy & Governance

James Cook University

"Polykala have an incredible ability to relate to participants, understand their unique workplace environments, and tailor their delivery to ensure participants have the most valuable experience they can."

Lauren Daws

Chief Operating Officer

Australasian College of Paramedicine

"I was looking for a leadership program that was about more than learning bullet points and that’s exactly what I got. I feel that I came away with a resilience and leadership agility that will stick with me and be applicable in many situations."

Jessica Christiansen-Franks

Co-founder & CEO



“Polykala developed and shaped an incredible professional development program that was deeply layered, beautifully modulated and rigorous yet gentle.”

Adam McGowan

Director, Industry Initiatives

Australia Council for the Arts


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Leadership and communication skills for research institute scientists

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Facilitation micro-skills training for the Marketing and Client Services team

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Supporting a robust, diverse workplace culture within the Productivity Commission

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A whole-of-business approach to strengthening workplace culture

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Artists and arts workers undertake a year-long immersive leadership development fellowship

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Communication skills to strengthen campus culture for staff and students


Adaptive Leadership is a framework that views leadership as a practice, rather than a position.  

Collaboration literally means ‘working together’. But somehow it seems to have much more to it than working next to others on the same project; it has a more substantial essence. But what is it?

After about seven years running Diversity & Inclusion training across Victoria and Australia, we thought it wise to share our thoughts and approach on workplace and community ‘Diversity & Inclusion’.

The word change shows up a lot, especially around an election. We need change, we fear change and we are changing all the time, all at once. We are also told that people are somehow inherently ‘change-averse’.

Facilitation, like the word leadership, is overused. It’s also confusing. People often use the term to refer to running a meeting, hosting a town hall, presenting information, clicking through a PowerPoint and many things in between.

In October 2020, Dr Ananth Gopal (Director of Polykala), led a discussion among fellow Australian Adaptive Leadership practitioners at an Australian Adaptive Leadership Institute (AALI) seminar.