We enable individuals and organisations to practise adaptive leadership, learn communication skills and have conversations that lead to meaningful change.


Leadership Development

We believe leadership is a relational practice. It is about how people relate to purpose, challenges, stakeholders, factions, worldviews and values. Our work is strongly influenced by Adaptive Leadership and Immunity to Change which gives people a framework for making progress on challenges that defy conventional ‘management’ processes. Leadership is the art of moving people to care, connect and get active in making a difference. 

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Facilitation is the art of enabling groups of people to share perspectives, make decisions and arrive at insights. We use a variety of processes and techniques to enable groups of people to get to the heart of their challenge. Our facilitators come from a diverse range of professional contexts. We can quickly make sense of what’s needed to get a group of people to relate to each other better. We also train individuals to do what we do: facilitate with playfulness, heart and smarts.

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Communication skills

Communication skills are essential for anyone who wants to persuade, inform and inspire others. Communication is much more than what you say, it’s about how you show up for others, how you listen, how you disagree and how you help your people articulate the work at hand. We use our experience in performing arts, law, journalism and academia to help you refine your message and reach your audience with candour and credibility.

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Workplace Culture

Workplace Culture is the bedrock of any organisation. Our training promotes workplace cultures of decentralised leadership, where staff are supported to stand up for a dynamic and inclusive professional environment. We create learning opportunities where real conversations happen, where people contend with diverse views to calibrate how actions line up with aspirations and expectations. Participants gain tangible communication tools to help address questionable or objectionable behaviour so that organisations can live their values.

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