Leadership Development

Technical Expert to People Manager

Skilled technicians are often promoted to senior positions without the skills to manage people nor foster thriving team cultures. A ‘promotion’ is therefore the perfect opportunity to develop advanced interpersonal and self-reflective skills to flourish in new positions and unlock team performance. Our program combines key understandings of organisational management with interpersonal communication skills to give participants the frameworks and know-how required to manage teams effectively and compassionately. 

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Key Outcomes

  1. Learn the fundamental distinction of authority and leadership
  2. Develop and practise the interpersonal skills required for managing people
  3. Receive feedback and coaching from skilled leadership development practitioners
  4. Gain a new perspective on your working context through the Immunity to change and peer consultation methodologies

Our Approach

Our training is modular and customisable which means some elements can be moved around, expanded or edited. At the core are the insights from adaptive leadership and the principles of emotional intelligence. This provides participants with a framework for distinguishing between leadership and authority, managing and initiating change within a team’s/organisation’s culture and having a working understanding of the different approaches required for a range of contexts. We guide participants through a range of communication tools designed to promote stronger workplace rapport and more candid and compassionate communication. Our Technical Expert to People Manager program draws on a variety of interpersonal communication tools to build the capacity for newly appointed people managers. Session options include:

  • Coaching – Empower staff through coaching conversations
  • Negotiation – Mediate disputes and positional disagreements through negotiation
  • Feedback – Create opportunities for growth and repair through feedback
  • Diversity & Inclusion – Navigate diversity and promote inclusion through necessary conversations
  • Resilience & Wellbeing – Foster a healthy and sustainable workplace culture through building the ‘third space’