Workplace Culture

Team Development

Team culture is often a major factor that stands between workplaces flourishing and floundering. Successful teams are able to withstand the pressures of organisational life and adapt to changing circumstances. This program is for any new or existing team that wants to build its capacity to collaborate and to have the conversations that might be holding the group back. Our training equips you with the skills to give feedback, negotiate and engage in difficult conversations. It is for teams determined to flourish.

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Key Outcomes

  1. Determine the current challenges and aspirational opportunities of your team
  2. Identify the vision, mission and values of the organisation or team
  3. Learn new communication skills to maintain collaborative and robust spaces for teams to perform and excel
  4. Build connections and deepen relationships between team members

Our Approach

We begin by facilitating a conversation about reality and aspiration: what’s working well, what’s not working as well as it could be, and what new values, skills, behaviours or approaches might bridge the gap between what currently is (reality) and what could be (aspiration). We guide teams through a series of facilitated exercises that identify or re-examine their vision, mission and values of the team or organisation. The second step is to provide your team with the skills to move towards your aspirational goal. This might include:

  • Coaching – Empower team members to recognise and reach their own objectives
  • Negotiation – Mediate disputes and positional disagreements that are mutually beneficial
  • Feedback – Create opportunities for growth and repair through learning how to give and receive feedback that makes a positive difference
  • Diversity & Inclusion – Navigate diversity and promote inclusion through necessary conversations
  • Resilience & Wellbeing – Foster a healthy and sustainable team culture by agreeing on needs, norms and boundaries