Communication Skills

Presentation skills

Presentation is the art conveying information, persuading an audience and generating emotional buy-in. Effective presenters can weave what seems like magic; they articulate complex information, connect with people and inspire them all at the same time. Our Presentation skills training explores the fundamentals of presentation in-person and online. We deep dive into presentation micro-skills and tactics to support your credibility and reception. We use a combination of learning modes and practice to help participants craft presentations that engage people ‘above and below the neck’. 

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Key Outcomes

  1. Develop proficiency in ‘reading’ audience needs and calibrating content for a variety of contexts
  2. Learn to use storytelling to scaffold memorable presentations
  3. Recognise your speech and body language patterns and adjust them where required
  4. Gain confidence planning for and delivering engaging presentations through practice

Our Approach

Big ideas, bold initiatives or even the necessary work of conveying critical information can all be lost when presented poorly. Articulating your ideas, vision and purpose or the aspirations of the organisation requires skill that only emerges from practice. We believe storytelling is an essential component of presentation. Whether you have to present a complex set of information about infrastructure upgrades or address a community group that feels marginalised, stories have the capacity to connect an audience to the ‘why’ of an initiative. We give participants the opportunity to recognise their patterned behaviours like body language and speaking patterns so that they can choose alternative behaviours where appropriate to support their unique style. Participants will learn how to use visual aides to animate and anchor their presentation whether online or in-person.