Leadership Development

Immunity to Change

Immunity to Change is a process that explains why most of us don’t make the changes we say we really want to. Immunity to Change identifies the key impediments of achieving our goals as competing commitments rather than personal or collective failure. It enables people to recognise the big assumptions that hold their current behaviours in place with a view to testing those assumptions and dislodging them. Immunity to change is an excellent complement to adaptive leadership development in that it helps to identify individual and systemic barriers to progress.

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Key Outcomes

  1. Learn the Immunity to Change framework
  2. Complete the Immunity to Change ‘x-ray’ to uncover competing commitments
  3. Receive individual coaching on your personal change goals
  4. Reflect on collective immunities to change within the team/organisation
  5. Make progress on your leadership objectives with greater clarity on predictable roadblocks and a clear road map for tests.

Our Approach

Each of us has a particular scope of influence. For anything to change, we need to exceed our sphere of influence in careful ways. Immunity to Change breaks down that task into five digestible parts. Crucially, the framework never demonises people for failing to reach their goals and therefore avoids the guilt and shame often involved in trying to enact change. Mapping your individual and collective Immunity to Change enables you to specify goals, barriers and assumptions and, importantly, share them with others to build momentum. The outcome of the Immunity to Change process is to choose modest leadership experiments that have the potential to make a positive contribution to your organisation’s output and culture.