Communication Skills

Feedback skills

Our Feedback skills training equips participants with the mindset and skills to have effective, authentic conversations in tough circumstances. Feedback training creates a common language within an organisation for staff to raise and explore issues with respect, care and candour. Healthy organisations understand that effective feedback can act as an engine for continuous improvement. This training is for organisations and individuals who want to become less conflict averse, develop robust working cultures, and make meaningful progress on tricky issues.

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Key Outcomes

  1. Develop a shared understanding of the signs of healthy feedback culture
  2. Gain a deeper understanding of the different roles of feedback: acknowledgement, repair and growth
  3. Learn to prepare for feedback conversations
  4. Practice articulating feedback using dynamic roleplay
  5. Receive targeted feedback from our team on improvement areas

Our Approach

Feedback isn’t just a euphemism for giving people ‘bad news’ or correcting past mistakes. We see feedback as having two functions: to appreciate values-aligned practice and to address values misalignment. Feedback in our mind has to be driven by values and the will to help others grow. Unlike other feedback training that focuses solely on communication, we include a systemic element in our program. We enable you and your team to examine the cultural context and its relationship to feedback. Is feedback dreaded, is it code for ‘getting in trouble’ or is it seen as a key to learning? We teach the signs of a healthy feedback culture to look out for, to celebrate, and to enact. We teach participants how to prepare for a feedback conversation, identifying the purpose of the conversation and the desired outcomes. Finally, the training uses dynamic roleplay and real-world scenarios to give participants an experience of giving feedback and engaging in difficult conversations.