Workplace Culture

Diversity & Inclusion

Organisations across the political spectrum and in all sectors are all grappling with how to work with, and make the most out of, a diverse workforce and stakeholders whose values are rapidly transforming. Inclusive workplaces are robust, productive and creative places where a diversity of people feel that they belong. This training enables organisations to treat diversity as an adaptive opportunity by implementing inclusive practices. It is designed for anyone seeking to make their workplace more vibrant, respectful and inclusive.

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Key Outcomes

  1. Develop a shared understanding of diversity and inclusion
  2. Reflect on individual and shared perspectives on demographic and viewpoint diversity
  3. Discuss systemic approaches to inclusion in the workplace
  4. Develop actions plans to ensure greater inclusion in your teams

Our Approach

Our program develops a shared understanding of the value of diversity and the importance of inclusion. Here, participants can learn how diversity, if managed well, can promote better outcomes within the organisation and in the community. It offers participants and organisations interpersonal and systemic approaches to recognising diversity and promoting inclusion. We begin by examining the different perceptions that exist in any organisation or team through facilitated activities and dialogue. Once a value proposition for diversity is made, we investigate the dynamics of organisational cultural change and how it affects the organisation’s willingness and ability to adopt policies, actions and mindsets that support and promote diverse identities and diverse ways of thinking. We then focus on the systemic actions and interpersonal skills to counter unconscious bias and instances of discriminatory behaviours or practices. Taken together, our training empowers participants to better perceive their context and take well-calibrated actions that support belonging.