Custom facilitation

Polykala has been facilitating across the Australia-Pacific in a range of sectors and communities for over 10 years. We know what it takes to help different groups of people feel supported to work through a process and arrive at strong results. Our custom facilitation services range from meetings, workshops, planning days, ‘town hall’ events with constituents or academic collaborations between researchers. We enable groups of people to hear from each other, make decisions and emerge better via the process. 

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Key Contexts

  1. Community Consultation
  2. Public Events
  3. Strategic Planning Days
  4. Staff Retreats

Our Approach

Effective group facilitation can transform stale dynamics and unearth realisations needed for change and growth. We believe that a group of people in a room is all you need to explore the way in which human systems fall apart and come together to make progress. We begin our custom facilitation service by listening to your needs and asking a lot of questions. We are creative, rigorous and, most of all, love working with people. We’re always learning about new ways to help people come together and get things done. We’ve worked in a range of highly specialised contexts including remote First Nations communities, top-tier law firms and NFPs undergoing upheaval. These widely varying contexts help us build flexibility in how we imagine and deliver custom facilitation for diverse contexts. Our facilitators ensure that decisions are made, genuine conversations take place and people walk away feeling like the process and the outcome was inclusive and engaging. We hold the group to purpose and curate processes that bring out the best from the stakeholders present.