Workplace Culture

Culture & Conduct

Our Culture & Conduct training promotes workplace cultures of decentralised social leadership, whereby staff (irrespective of position) are supported to stand up for the values of the organisation. Too often social leadership, whether in the form of starting difficult conversations or supporting a colleague in need, is left to people affected by misconduct themselves. If all staff take responsibility for upholding the values of their organisation, cultural change is more likely to take hold.

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Key Outcomes

  1. Align workplace behaviour with values and codes of conduct
  2. Learn and gain perspective through conversation with peers
  3. Be able to engage in ‘difficult conversations’ with greater effectiveness
  4. Build connections and deepen authentic relationships between team members

Our Approach

The training begins by exploring the dynamics of change and its consequences for organisational values and behaviour. Participants contend with what’s essential, negotiable and aspirational about their workplace culture. We then introduce diversity as a concept subject to the intersecting dynamics of power and privilege before focussing specifically on the sources of misconduct and the values that underpin them. We reflect on which behaviours participants perceive as ‘okay’ and ‘not okay’ within the organisation with a view to exploring viewpoint diversity and building empathy. We finally offer a set of tools and behavioural frameworks to overcome barriers that might prevent tackling misconduct and thus change workplace norms. We do this using group work and dynamic role play where participants learn and apply concepts through practice. Our Culture & Conduct training can be tailored according to your context. Each context calls for a customised approach because each culture is configured differently.