Communication Skills

Coaching skills

Coaching conversations empower individuals to reach their potential. Coaching is distinct from mentoring or giving advice. The role of the coach is to put the counterpart (the person receiving the coaching) at the centre of their discovery and decision-making. Coaching builds autonomy and ownership in the counterpart and, when done well, galvanises their action. This strengths-based approach to problem solving and improved performance can reduce dependency on you, as a manager, or colleague by empowering staff to set their own goals and commitments. It’s an effective way of elevating buy-in and distributing responsibility in a way that empowers staff and unlocks their productive agency.

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Key Outcomes

  1. Distinguish between different professional conversation types and their application
  2. Learn the GROW model for structured coaching conversations
  3. Build motivation through identifying the aspiration gap between reality and goals
  4. Move conversations towards motivated commitment by exploring options

Our Approach

Coaching is a structured conversation between a coach and a counterpart that results in fresh insights and tangible outcomes determined by the counterpart themselves. This involves working through a process: setting their own goals; reflecting on the status quo in order to determine their aspirational gap; identifying options that can bridge that gap, and deciding on a clear course of action. These conversations can happen informally over the in unplanned interactions or within a defined and planned session. Polykala’s coaching training is informed by our formal education and accreditation with the Institute for Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL). We combine the IECL’s coaching framework with the Adaptive Leadership and Immunity to Change approaches to ensure that there is sufficient focus on the systemic and interpersonal resistances to change, our aversion to loss and the ability to link personal goals to broader objectives. Like all of our workshops, our coaching training maximises practise to build competency. Participants will leave this session with new skills to empower their colleagues and staff members through the power of listening and curiosity.