Team Development

Program Overview

Team building, though seemingly cliched, is central to any organisation’s functioning. All teams encounter predictable difficulties, pressure points and even breaking points. Adaptation is the process of holding onto what’s working, letting go of what’s not, and growing new skills and capabilities for a changing context. Adaptive Teams are able to both withstand the pressures of organisational life and adapt according to rapid change.

This training takes existing or new teams through a set of facilitated exercises that, (1) unearth pre-existing cultural dynamics (2), builds awarenesses of predictable (avoidable) behaviour patterns and, (3) establishes new cultural norms that reflect core values. 

Our training introduces a set of awarenesses and skills that can be immediately applied to workgroups to increase levels of collaboration, candour and, productivity. We offer targeted feedback on existing dynamics and ways to cultivate healthier alternatives. You won’t find trust falls or powerpoints in our training – we promise.

We begin the Adaptive Teams program by working carefully with key stakeholders to establish key parameters including: values, expectations and behavioural aspirations. The training’s outcomes will therefore be a combination of what our content and process as your team’s willingness to experiment, reflect and implement values-aligned ways of operating. 

Key Outcomes

  • 1. Distinguish leadership and authority within an organisation.
  • 2. Learn how to create and maintain collaborative and robust spaces for teams to perform and excel.
  • 3. Practice giving feedback to overcome team challenges.
  • 4. Build connections and deepen authentic relationships between team members.

Topics Covered

Adaptive leadership


Feedback and difficult conversations

Team/organisational cultural adaptation

"I was looking for a leadership program that was about more than learning bullet points and that’s exactly what I got. I feel that I came away with a resilience and leadership agility that will stick with me and be applicable in many situations."
Jessica Christiansen-Franks - CEO & Co-Founder, Neighbourlytics


City of Mitcham (SA)

“Overwhelmingly the feedback from the participants (all who are senior leaders) was that this was one of the best

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Program Information

Team Development

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  • Delivery mode: In person / Online
  • Workshop length: Full day to Multi day
  • 2 Harvard-trained facilitators
  • 10-25 participants
  • Participant evaluation

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