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Effective presenters can weave what seems like magic; they articulate complex information, connect with people and inspire them at the same time. We draw on our experience in T.V, theatre and teaching to distill a set of tools and practices that can improve effectiveness as a presenter. 

We use storytelling to help people understand the narrative behind their vision and their actions. We use a combination of improvisational theatre and speaking skills to help participants craft a story that speaks to a leadership purpose or conveys information in meaningful ways.

The Polykala presentation skills training is divided into three parts that culminate into a practice session with personalised feedback and coaching. We begin by exploring the body and voice as the basic tools of presentation. Next, storytelling and the key considerations of presentation are presented. We examine how visual aids can be used to anchor and animate presentations. Participants will be invited to present throughout the 1-2 day program and receive sensitive personalised feedback. 

This is a practical, highly involved training program. It is for people who want to take their presentation skills to the next level. Participants will be on their feet learning by doing, reflecting and refining. 

Key Outcomes

  • 1. Learn to better connect with groups of people and communicate a message.
  • 2. Articulate complexity and change in a way that connects with people.
  • 3. Learn the power of the body and voice in presentation.
  • 3. Improve your public and speaking skills through practise and feedback.

Topics Covered

The centrality of body and voice

The art of storytelling for engagement

Improvisation techniques for presentation

Presentation practice with expert feedback

Program Information

Presentation Skills

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  • Delivery mode: In person / Online
  • Workshop length: Half day / Full day / Multi day
  • 2 expert facilitators
  • 10-25 participants
  • Participant evaluation

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