Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Program Overview

Polykala’s Negotiation & Conflict resolution training blends the structure of Fisher and Ury’s ‘Getting to Yes’ work with insights from the Adaptive Leadership framework. We believe the best negotiators are able to speak to core interests, values, identity and culture. They are alert to people’s emotional needs as well as positions. The ability to negotiate across factional and organisational lines is a core leadership skill. The ability to be be respectfully influential is a precursor to progress.

Polykala’s negotiation training encourages participants to learn by doing. We distill the conceptual frameworks and offer participants multiple opportunities to practice, persevere and build competence. Our disputes and conflict resolutions specialists orient participants to the key fault lines in any given conflict and offer fresh ways forward. We begin by distinguishing situational and positional conflict and suggest targeted approaches including a careful appreciation for the communication dynamics that often trip people up.

We encourage participants to bring existing or recent case-studies of negotiations or dispute. Our team of highly experienced lawyers, academics, artists and leadership facilitators will help you develop insights to become an principled, creative and adaptive negotiator.

Key Outcomes

  • 1. Learn the ‘Getting to Yes’ framework for principled negotiation.
  • 2. Develop competence at analysing conflicts through both ‘interests’ and positions.
  • 3. Practice preparing for a negotiation with guided coaching.
  • 4. Engage in simulated negotiations with peers and trained actors to refine skill.

Topics Covered

Your ‘default’ negotiation style

Identifying Positions & Interests

Generating creative solutions

Negotiation preparation and practice

"The course was unlike any other. It was a real experience in self-learning which challenged how I see myself and how I understand and reflect on the work of leadership."
Liz Stockley - CEO, Health Hawkes Bay (New Zealand)


Program Information

Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

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  • Delivery mode: In person / Online
  • Workshop length: Half day / Full day
  • 2 expert facilitators
  • 10-25 participants
  • Participant evaluation

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