Feedback & Difficult Conversations

Program Overview

Polykala’s Feedback & Difficult Conversations training equips people managers with the mindset and skills to have effective, authentic conversations in tough circumstances. It will create a common language within the organisation for people to raise and explore issues with respect, care and candour.

The ability to give feedback and engage in difficult conversations forms the basis of healthy team cultures and ensures that organisations continuously grow.  Feedback isn’t just a euphemism for giving people ‘bad news’ or correcting past mistakes. We see feedback as having two functions: to appreciate values-aligned practice and to address values misalignment. Feedback and difficult conversations are about learning.

The training uses dynamic roleplay and real-world scenarios to give participants an experience of giving feedback and engaging in difficult conversations to integrate the linguistic, emotional and tactical tools introduced during the training.

This training is for organisations and individuals who want to become less-conflict averse, develop robust working cultures and be able to better ‘name the elephant’ and make meaningful progress on tricky issues. The Polykala Feedback & Difficult Conversations training is particularly useful for people managers but people at any level of an organisation will find it valuable.

Key Outcomes

  • 1. A shared understanding of what feedback is for and what it can look like in best practice.
  • 2. A deeper understanding on the role of praise, gratitude and acknowledgement as key facets of healthy feedback cultures.
  • 3. Improved ability to articulate contentious feedback.
  • 3. Awareness of typical pitfalls associated with feedback.

Topics Covered

The dynamics of organisational change

The core tenets of Learning organisations

Communicating with Emotional Intelligence

Giving and receiving feedback

"I wanted to thank you for the support and guidance provided across the team through the work we have been doing with Polykala. I am sure sometimes it’s hard to know the impact of your work and where it takes teams beyond that moment in time you are engaging with them. Your engagement continues to make a difference."
Rebecca Hazell, Director of Advancement, Office of Alumni and Philanthropy, University of Newcastle


Program Information

Feedback & Difficult Conversations

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  • Delivery mode: In person / Online
  • Workshop length: Half day / Full day
  • 2 expert facilitators
  • 10-25 participants
  • Participant evaluation

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