Facilitation training

Program Overview

Facilitation generates insights, uncovers perspectives and enables groups to make decisions. Facilitation is different to teaching and training as the centre of knowledge does not lie with the facilitator. The group, meeting, team or town hall has the wisdom; it is the facilitator’s job to draw it out. Facilitation is made up a set of complex interpersonal skills and awarenesses; it is creative, sensitive and can be transformative.

Polykala blends a range of pedagogical modes with artistic forms to bring the art of facilitation to life. We’ll teach a concept in its simplest form and guide groups through a sequence of exercises designed to inculcate key skills. This might involve people tasting an obscure blend of juices to learn how to communicate collaboratively or playing improv games to explore agency, risk and initiative. We then step back and offer participants a process to unpack their own experiences to throw light on default behaviours or symptoms of the system. Stepping back, suspending our judgments and answers places the onus onto individuals operating within a culture to discover what is true and relevant for them. Our program gives participants the creative and conceptual dexterity to facilitate with heart and smarts. 

The Polykala Art of Facilitation training is for individuals committed to self-development and community/organisational effectiveness. We know that quality facilitation makes a positive difference in how groups of people learn from each other and make crucial choices. The challenges communities and organisations face requires skilled practitioners of the art of facilitation. This is our flagship facilitation training program and we are proud to share it with fellow practitioners.

Key Outcomes

  • 1. Learn the history and theory of facilitation.
  • 2. Experience a facilitated environment led by experienced facilitators.
  • 3. Learn to design facilitated sessions.
  • 3. Practise facilitating groups and receive constructive feedback.

Topics Covered

Core facilitation theory

Program design concepts

Creating a ‘Holding Environment’

Facilitating for ‘insight’ & decision making

"Polykala created a positive learning environment that invited full engagement from all participants. There was a great balance between theory and interactive activities to explore the key concepts.Polykala demonstrated the professionalism, rigour, creativity and personable nature to give us confidence they could deliver on our tall ask. They exceeded on our expectations."
Jamie Pomfrett - Program Coordinator, Ma & Morley Scholarship Program, University of Newcastle


Carers Victoria

..the Polykala team really understand the environment in which we work Leah Lonsdale - Education Manager, Carers Victoria We

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Program Information

Facilitation training

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  • Delivery mode: In person / Online
  • Workshop length: Half day / Full day / Multi day
  • 2 expert facilitators
  • 10-25 participants
  • Participant evaluation

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