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Polykala’s Diversity & Inclusion training offers ways of cultivating inclusive workplaces through conversation, reflection and compassion. We believe diversity comes in two categories: demographic and viewpoint. 

We create a robust learning  environment where participants can: (a) reflect on own relationship to diversity, (b) understand the impacts felt by people who experience marginalisation and, (c) enact practical strategies to promote workplace cultures that celebrate diversity. 

Embracing diversity can be hard; it might involve accommodating views and practices that you don’t agree with. After all, the word ‘difference’ is a synonym of diversity. We therefore ask, “how do groups of people work through their differences”, “what skills are needed to do so with intelligence and compassion? and, “what forms of behaviour will not be included?”

Our Diversity and Inclusion training is skills-focussed and practical. We offer every participant the opportunity to learn by reflecting, sharing, listening and doing. We are committed to supporting workplaces and communities that value diversity and are committed to having frank discussion about its benefits and limitations.

Key Outcomes

  • 1. Develop a shared understanding of diversity and inclusion
  • 2. Reflect on your relationship to demographic and viewpoint diversity
  • 3. Learn communications skills to be more inclusive
  • 4. Develop competence intervening in tricky situations

Topics Covered

Unconscious bias

Intention & Impact

Direct & indirect intervention techniques

Forum Theatre dynamic roleplay

"I gained a great awareness and believe it has made me a better person in my life as well as a Manager. It provided real life stories, challenging scenarios and opportunities to raise questions to people who live and breathe these situations."
Debbie Tyson - Manager Development and Compliance Services, Cardinia Shire Council


Doing Diversity Differently

Treating diversity as an adaptive challenge and making real progress will require robust learning environments where people are free to speak their minds.

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Case Study – Glen Eira City Council

In 2018 Glen Eira City Council invited Polykala to design and deliver their Diversity & Inclusion training for all new staff working across the organisation.

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Program Information

Diversity & Inclusion training

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  • Delivery mode: Online
  • Workshop length: Half day / Full day
  • 2 expert facilitators
  • 10-25 participants
  • Participant evaluation

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