Adaptive Leadership is a framework that views leadership as a practice, rather than a position.  

Collaboration literally means ‘working together’. But somehow it seems to have much more to it than working next to others on the same project; it has a more substantial essence. But what is it?

After about seven years running Diversity & Inclusion training across Victoria and Australia, we thought it wise to share our thoughts and approach on workplace and community ‘Diversity & Inclusion’.

The word change shows up a lot, especially around an election. We need change, we fear change and we are changing all the time, all at once. We are also told that people are somehow inherently ‘change-averse’.

Facilitation, like the word leadership, is overused. It’s also confusing. People often use the term to refer to running a meeting, hosting a town hall, presenting information, clicking through a PowerPoint and many things in between.

In October 2020, Dr Ananth Gopal (Director of Polykala), led a discussion among fellow Australian Adaptive Leadership practitioners at an Australian Adaptive Leadership Institute (AALI) seminar.