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February 21, 2023
February 21, 2023 Polykala

Glen Eira City Council

“Polykala have been extremely good at facilitating informative and engaging sessions – every single time.”

Suhasini Sachdev – Learning and Organisation Development Advisor, Glen Eira City Council

Workplaces will probably never be the same – they’ll always be a little hybrid and have to incorporate different ways of presenting and communicating. We never thought we’d deliver online programs. We were sure that they couldn’t be any good. How wrong we were. The very last piece of work we ran before Melbourne, Australia and most of the world went into full lock down, was an in-person presentation skills training program. Sitting 2 metres apart in an odd configuration on the cusp of the world flipping upside down was apt. Now, as the world puts itself back together, we insist on an online component to our presentation skills training.

Polykala has worked closely with Glen Eira City Council for the past four (turbulent) years helping staff present and facilitate with greater confidence and dexterity. Presenting online and in-person share core principles but have different priorities. Our Presentation Skills training strikes a balance between the technical skills required for presentation (presentation structure, using online tools, visual aids, understanding your audience) with the artistry of engagement through storytelling and facilitation. Seasoned and novice presenters have been tested by the demands of hybrid presentation in a world where attention is hard to get and harder to hold. 

We go old school and focus on storytelling to help an audience stay engaged, understand the narrative and build connection to the speaker’s core message. We use a combination of improvisational theatre and speaking skills to help participants craft a story that speaks to a leadership purpose or conveys information in meaningful ways. Our two part presentation skills training unpacks what works and what doesn’t in both online and in-person environments. We then offer targeting feedback on participants’ presentations to help them grow in confidence and ability. 

“Polykala has a very interactive, personable and refreshing facilitation style. They are expert storytellers. Both their online and in-person sessions are very engaging and we get great feedback from staff. Employees walk away from their sessions with a great understanding of the subject every time.” Suhasini Sachdev – Learning and Organisation Development Advisor, Glen Eira City Council

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