Social Negotiation

Getting to Yes

About the Training

Negotiation is the art of reaching an agreement where there is disagreement. We bring the ‘Getting to Yes’ framework to life, enabling participants to navigate disputes with dexterity and courage. All Polykala training programs are delivered by two or more trainers this means you get more one-one attention and enables us to ‘read the room’ with greater sensitivity.

Our negotiation training uses experiential learning modes like dynamic role play to bring the core ‘Getting to Yes’ theory to life. Too often negotiation training is heavy on theory and light on practice. We believe the best way to become a better negotiator is to distil the theory and practice with rigour and creativity. We then offer you multiple avenues to experiment, practice and receive real-time feedback.

Before the training:

We will contact every participant personally to get a sense of your professional context and thus tailor each workshop to our participant group. We will provide you with the pre-course reading material (but not too much) to help lay some of the conceptual groundwork before the session.


Our training team combine expert negotiators and actors; this means our programs are theoretically rigorous and highly engaging. You learn the ‘Getting to Yes’ framework and put it to work amongst fellow participants and our team of skilled trainers. We provide coaching that blends analytical  (technique) and behavioural (stylistic) feedback to enhance your negotiation practice. You will also receive a condensed course manual with the key components of the training.


We’ll support you to consolidate the skills and awareness you’ve developed by offering you a post-program debrief and telephone coaching session with one of our trainers. You’ll receive electronic copies of critical readings, and we’ll add you to our list of alumni which allows you access to us for support and coaching with negotiations for one-year.

Key Components

  • 1. Identifying interest from positions & options from solutions
  • 2. Your 'default' negotiation style.
  • 3. The language & practice of negotiation


Learn how to use the language of Negotiation

Develop broader understanding of the theory of conflict and dispute

Learn how to navigate disagreement & build relationships through dispute

Gain experience by practicing negotiation using the ‘Getting to Yes’ framework

"The course was unlike any other. It was a real experience in self-learning which challenged how I see myself and how I understand and reflect on the work of leadership."
Liz Stockley - CEO, Health Hawkes Bay (New Zealand)

Upcoming Courses

Social Negotiation Public Course

Thursday 26th - Friday 27th April 2018
$800 Excluding GST
  • 2-day training (9am-5pm)
  • Harvard-trained facilitators
  • Meals provided

Social Negotation Workplace training

Book a session for your workplace or organisation
  • Up to 25 participants
  • Harvard-trained facilitators
  • Participant manual

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