Resilient and collaborative teams

Robust, inclusive, high-performance group work

About the Training

Team building, though seemingly cliched, is central to any organisation’s functioning. All teams encounter predictable difficulties, pressure points and even break points. Resilient and collaborative teams are able to not only withstand the pressures of organisational life but also learn to adapt according to rapid change.

Polykala’s training takes existing or new teams through a set of facilitated exercises that (1) unearths preexisting cultural dynamics (2) builds awarenesses of predictable (avoidable) behaviour patterns and (3) helps establish new cultural norms that reflect core values.

Key components

  • 1. Building Trust.
  • 2. Effective Collaboration.
  • 3. Giving and receiving feedback.
  • 4. Resilience and self care.


Learn the basics of group dynamics and team work

Build a culture of initiative through improvisation

Develop self care in high stress environments

Learn techniques to manage conflict and breakdowns

"I was looking for a leadership program that was about more than learning bullet points and that’s exactly what I got. I feel that I came away with a resilience and leadership agility that will stick with me and be applicable in many situations."
Jessica Christiansen-Franks - CEO & Co-Founder, Neighbourlytics

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