Public Speaking through Storytelling

Storytelling as a mode for crafting and delivering powerful speeches

About the Training

Learn the art of using storytelling as a mode for crafting and delivering powerful speeches that get a message across and mobilise people.

Polykala’s Public Speaking through Storytelling short course is designed for people at all levels of an organisation to learn how to engage people around important ideas and common purpose. Whether you are in a start-up phase or consolidating a strategy, effective storytelling is a powerful tool to help reach people in ways that satisfy the head and heart together. We teach story telling in a pared-back form, providing the essential theory and help you start seeing stories in your everyday.

Key components

  • 1. Your life as a resource for powerful storytelling - strategies for creative speechwriting.
  • 2. Basics of body and voice for presentation.
  • 3. Supported speech practice and peer feedback.


Develop comfort and poise through voice training and body work.

Learn how to derive stories from your life to inspire purposeful action.

Learn foundational storytelling and public speaking techniques.

Build confidence being in front of an audience.

"The session was very well run, and very engaging. They used a variety of techniques to encourage learning, and appeal to a range of different learning styles. Everyone who attended had a positive perception of the session. I would not hesitate to use Polykala again for more training."
Dr. Laura Aisbett - Community Development Officer, Mitchell Shire Council

Upcoming Courses

Public Speaking through Storytelling Public Course

Thursday 7th - Friday 8th June 2018
$800 Excluding GST
  • 2-day training (9am-5pm)
  • Harvard-trained facilitators
  • Meals provided

Public Speaking through Storytelling Workplace training

Book a session for your workplace or organisation
  • Up to 25 participants
  • Harvard-trained facilitators
  • Participant manual

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