Improvisation for Innovators

Innovating through the art of improvisation

About the Training

We use key insights from performing arts to build a dynamic workshops for those wishing to take their creativity, spontaneity and leadership practice to the next level.

Innovation is in fashion (again). Polykala uses the time honoured principals of improvisation from theatre and music to enable the next generation of innovators to unlock their ideas. Our improvisations for innovators training places individuals in a safe environement to systematically test out new ways of seeing and approaching problems. This training program will texpand your comfort zone and challenge deeply held self-limiting beliefs. This is for individuals and organizations who live to grow, challenge and create.

Key components

  • 1. Applying the principles of improvisation to foster spontaneity and creative expression.
  • 2. Feedback and accountability in a team or workplace.
  • 3. Building trust to improve performance in a group.


Apply the principles of improvisation to a workplace or project team.

Gain confidence in generating new ideas without fear of failure.

Build trust among in a team or workplace.

Generate of culture of initiative and play.

"I learned how to get out of the way, by which I mean; I learned the possibility of getting my ego out of the way to a new degree in order to serve others. That has been incredibly liberating, as well as energizing."
Jon Osborne - Human Centred Design and Innovation Lead, ARUP Australia

Upcoming Courses

Improvisation for Innovators Public Course

Thursday 21st - Friday 22nd June 2018
$800 Excluding GST
  • 2-day training (9am-5pm)
  • Harvard-trained facilitators
  • Catering included

Improvisation for Innovators Workplace training

Book a session for your workplace or organisation
  • Up to 25 participants
  • Harvard-trained facilitators
  • Participant manual

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