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About the Process

Every context is different. Polykala regularly custom-designs training programs to suit the particular need of the client.

Below is a snapshot of the modules that we focus on. Have a browse and get in touch with us to begin the process.

Modules to choose from

Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive Leadership is a Harvard framework designed to tackle tough systemic challenges. We bring the framework to life in a facilitated process that enables participants to apply the theory to their context.


Negotiation is the art of reaching agreement where there is disagreement. We bring the ‘Getting to Yes’ framework to life, enabling participants to navigate disputes with dexterity and courage.

Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations comprise practical languaging strategies and mindsets for engaging in hard conversations. It includes non-violent communication and mindfulness training to equip people for interpersonal challenges.

Team Building

Groupwork is the art of cultivating honest and compassionate working relationships. We teach groupwork principles that enable participants to become more skillful and intentional practitioners of human dynamics.

Improvisation & Creative Expression

The principles and practice of improvisation can have transformational effect on a working team or individual alike. Through play, we can foster cultures of creativity and innovation.

Resilience & Self Care

Too often we push ourselves too hard, forget to switch off and inevitably burn ourselves out. Resilience & Self Care need to come first and be integrated into our daily life.

Immunity to Change

Immunity to Change is a model designed to uncover the individual or organisational mindsets that get in our way and prevent us from moving forward. We deliver the Immunity to Change model in an engaging and sensitive way.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Constructive feedback is essential for any working team. We teach the art of giving and receiving feedback as well as a process for making feedback a part of your team’s regular practice.

Public Speaking

Learn the art of public speaking using storytelling as a mode for crafting and delivering powerful speeches that get a message across and mobilise people.

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"I am very impressed with Polykala’s approach to work, their versatility, creative energy and the exciting and fresh ideas they deploy. I will continue to engage them in more projects as a way to build and consolidate the work they have done so far."
Dalal Smiley - Manager, Community Planning and Customer Service, City of Darebin

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