The Art of Facilitation

Creating spaces for insight

About the Training

Learn the art of facilitating meaningful, challenging and insightful conversations.

Facilitation is the art of drawing out the experience, insights and ideas of a group. It is distinct to teaching and training as the centre of knowledge does not lie with the facilitator. We think its a bit like cooking: the group provides the ingredients, effective facilitation provides an environment for the flavours and textures to work together while retaining their individuality.

The Art of Facilitation will introduce you to a set of principles, activities and frameworks which you can use in your facilitation practice. Everything in our process is open source and we encourage you to adopt, adapt and apply what you learn from us where it counts for you.

Before the workshop:

We will contact every participant personally to get a sense of your professional context and thus tailor each workshop to our participant group. We will provide you with the pre-course reading material (but not too much) to help lay some of the conceptual groundwork prior to the session.


Our team of facilitators will lead through a process which will engage your head, heart and body. We will explore techniques and mindsets which will equip you to observe a group with greater clarity, make multiple observations to challenge or soothe a group and develop authentic comfort while being ‘in front of a room’. You will have the opportunity to learn the core skills of debriefing with your cohort and receive feedback in real time.


We’ll support you to consolidate the skills and awareness you’ve developed by offering you a post-program debrief and telephone coaching session with one of our trainers. You’ll receive electronic copies of key readings and we’ll add you to our list of alumni which allows you access to support and coaching with your work for one-year.

Key components

  • 1. Creating and holding space for disequilibrium.
  • 2. Core principles of facilitation.
  • 3. Enabling insights through the creative arts.


Learn the principles of facilitation.

Experience taking part in a facilitated learning environment.

Gain practical facilitation experience that can be applied to any work context.

Build confidence working with difficult situations.

"The training offered me space to see and sit with my instinctual responses and see how they serve or don’t serve me and the people around me. This has given me a sense of freedom and allowed me to see what I previously could not see."
Alex Iljadica - Co-Founder, Youth Food Movement

Upcoming Courses

The Art of Facilitation Public Course

Thursday 14th - Friday 15th June 2018
$800 Excluding GST
  • 2-day training (9am-5pm)
  • Harvard-trained facilitators
  • Meals provided

The Art of Facilitation Workplace training

Book a session for your workplace or organisation
  • Up to 25 participants
  • Harvard-trained facilitators
  • Participant manual

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