Adaptive Leadership in the Workplace

Leadership for tough situations

About the Training

Workplaces are increasingly subject to fast changing ‘environments’. We use improvisational theatre and mindfulness to bring the Adaptive Leadership framework to life. This training is for workplace dealing with tough entrenched challenges who wish to thrive.

Adaptation is the process of holding onto what’s working, letting go of what’s not, and growing new skills and capabilities for a changing context. Workplaces are increasinly subject to changing ‘environments’. Disruptive technologies and rapidly changing demographics are just two drivers of accelerating disequilibrium. Our process takes you through a systematic process that helps unearth the barriers to adaptation and, puts in place concrete strategies to tackle the unavoidable challenge of thriving under constant change. We use improvisation theatre and mindfulness to bring the Adaptive Leadership framework to life in a practical and stimulating two-day training experience.

Key Components

  • 1. Core Concepts: Leadership & Authority, Adaptive & Technical challenges.
  • 2. Diagnosing your adaptive capabilities.
  • 3. Developing an adaptive plan: Keep, Let Go, Grow.


Have a sound understanding of organisational adaptation theory.

Implement the theory to your context.

Unearth the hidden barriers holding your organisation back from adaptive practice.

Develop an actionable ‘Keep, Let Go, Grow’ plan for your organisation.

"The Polykala Adaptive Leadership course is a must for anyone who wants to experience what it takes to engage in genuine leadership action."
Chris Porter - Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Victorian Government

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